>>>What is PNN?
PNN, the Pharmacotherapy News Network, is a news-reporting and multimedia-publishing organization that focuses on the proper use of medications in treating human disease. It gives especially strong emphasis to the major medical weekly journals and the top publications in internal medicine, cardiology, infectious diseases, psychiatry, neurology, rheumatology, pharmacotherapy, pharmacy practice, pediatrics, and geriatrics.

The editor and publisher of PNN is L. Michael Posey, BSPharm, MA, a 30+ year veteran of pharmacy and biomedical journalism.He is or has been an editor of eight publications,
Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, Pharmacy Today, APhA DrugInfoLine, The Consultant Pharmacist, Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, and Clinical Laboratory Science, an editor of the Pharmacotherapy textbook, author of Pharmacy: An Introduction to the Profession, and author of APhA’s Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician. Posey has worked with the Illinois, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi Societies of Health-System Pharmacists and Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity.

>>>What is the PNN Pharmacotherapy Line?
The PNN Pharmacotherapy Line is a daily newsletter provided to subscribers via e-mail. It is published every business day.

Each morning, community and home care pharmacy managers, hospital and managed care pharmacy administrators, practicing pharmacists, benefits managers, association executives, and pharmacy school administrators and faculty learn the latest information from the world of pharmacotherapy. PNN reports news and information about medications and their proper use—iwith additional coverage of key legal, regulatory, and political developments; national association activities; and practice issues such as reimbursement policies.

Editor L. Michael Posey, with bachelor’s degrees in pharmacy and microbiology and a master’s in health and medical journalism from the University of Georgia, uses his 30+ years of experience in pharmaceutical editing and journalism to select each day those topics that will be of most use to the practicing pharmacist.

>>>What are PNN’s annual subscription rates?

  • Single user US $195
  • 2–5 users US $295
  • 6–10 users US $395
  • 11–15 users US $495
  • 16–20 users US $595
  • 21–50 users US $750
  • Educational license (all faculty, staff, students, and preceptors) US $1000
  • Institutional license (all pharmacy and medical staff) US $1000

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